Fire-resistant sectional overhead door type HF

The new European fire regulation raised the standards in certification, operation and fire rating of sectional overhead doors. Additional norms and standards also apply when the door is used on the outside of a building.

Hallington Doors has developed a sectional overhead door which complies with the latest regulation, the Dutch norm NEN 6069 and European norm EN 1634-1.
This fully tested and certified door (Effectis/TNO 07-9-251 d.d. 4 february 2008) is classified 60 minutes fire resistant.
Type TT: De Fire-resistant sectional type HF 120 TT EI1 – 60 the dimension of the test oven was 5000X5000.

A reputed notified body, Efectis in France, tested and certified this door and issued extrapolation guidance for the extended application of the fire certification to doors of large dimensions. This extrapolation was made necessary due to the predefined dimensions of the test oven.

European Union member states are allowed to add complementary, sometimes higher criteria’s to the norm. In this context, Hallington Doors decided to pass the thermo insulation test (/T 140 ºC – 180 ºC) in addition to the EN-1634-1 and the classification EN 13501-2.

There are several ways to operate Hallington Doors:
The door can be installed on the outside of the building by using an electrical engine for daily use of the door as passage door. The engine is then connected to the fire/smoke alarm system that will release the door in case of activation. Optionally, a back-up system will enable closing the door by power failure.

Hallington Doors can also provide engines and controls complying with the PGS 15 or ATEX regulations on explosive environments.

The fire retardant properties of the Hallington Door type HF are completed, if required, by a sound insulation up to 50 dB or compliance with HACCP regulation (food processing industry).

An ideal application of this type of sectional overhead doors is the protection of chemical storage rooms and/or buildings where fluid leakage may occur: the HF can namely be equipped with an integrated liquid barrier up to 500 mm from the ground.

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