Industrial overhead door

The HT is the standard multipurpose overhead door. This type of door stands out from the typical overhead door by its panel construction. Hallington Doors chose for the ”sandwich” concept to build panels of a nominal thickness of 60 mm as standard.
This provides a greater stiffness to the panels, thanks to which a panel width up to 13 meters (120 mm thick panel) can be reached.

The HT type is easily combined with mobile side posts, optionally electrically motorized, and therefore can cover great and/or compartmented openings. Also consult the page hangar doors to learn more about this combination.

Customers’ special wishes and applications are made possible thanks to a flexible, fully automatic production line. Among others: panel skin materials vary from steel in stucco design (standard) to smooth design, aluminum or stainless steel, or even a combination of those.
In addition to that the thickness of the panel can be defined from 60 mm to 180 mm. A HT door would then find its place in an other situation than a standard door.